Reminded of My Purpose

On January 26, 2019, I was reminded of my God given purpose with the celebration of the release of I Still Did It. The release of this intergenerational anthology reminded me of my why. I was reminded that my gift as a writer is truly not about me. I truly believe God placed me on this earth to encourage women and girls to share their stories unapologetically. I feel the most alive when I am writing collaboratively during my writing workshops.

I Still Did It, an international anthology on resilience was such a privilege to create. I handled the women and young girls stories with care. I didn’t want anyone to feel exploited. I wanted them to feel empowered and that their stories mattered.

In less than four months, I led narrative writing workshops every week for about two hours to seasoned women who were all retired at the Grove Hall Senior Center in Dorchester. Their stories made me laugh, cry, and fueled me to keep living through life’s highest highs and lowest lows.

I also launched an incubator writing and publishing program for young women of color ages 11-21 years old in Roxbury at New Academy Estates. Every Wednesday evening alongside the young women we made/ate dinner together, wrote, and learned about other women of color writers. I produced this book and led successful creative writing programming while maintaining a full-time job.

I write more about my personal adversity in the anthology. You didn’t think I would prompt my writers to write their resilience stories without disclosing my own struggles? I believe that writing is transformative when it is transactional. It is give and take. The authors in this book bared their truths, so it was only right that I bared mines.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Lauren Miller, a talented photographerfrom Roxbury. Tonight, I finally had the opportunity to really soak up the expressions of the authors faces and the intensity in the audiences faces while listening to the writers in these photos. Yes, these photos have been in the archives for months. I must admit. I can’t wait to do it again… tell the stories of resilient women.

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