Nakia's work has been published in CRWN Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, and Sister to Sister Magazine.


There's No Place Like A Third Space

Protests against injustices. The suspension of DACA. Hurricanes that have affected the lives of children and families from Houston to Puerto Rico. These are all stories whose headlines will be etched in the memories of today’s American youth. In 2017, more than ever, students need a space to feel supported in a world where they sometimes feel voiceless and unsafe.


Trayvon Martin could have been my brother

Trayvon Martin could have been one of my younger brothers. I think about their caramel and mocha skin tones, wardrobes full of hoodies, and frequent trips to the corner stores. One of them was once stopped by the police, frisked, and told he fit the description of someone dangerous. My brother is not a criminal.


Every Part of Emily King

After four days on the road, Emily King sits backstage to discuss life after J Records, being on tour, and music with So Gutsy at Cafe 939 Red Room in Boston. Fresh from her soundcheck, the 28-year-old, New York native, elevates her voice over the blaring sounds of Nick Hakim’s musicians rehearsing while she reflects on how she was introduced to her partner in music, Jeremy Most.


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