May 18, 2022

Olive Oil Pound Cake

I’ve been thinking about you lately

the comfort

the zest

the taste

your familiarity

you are so complex

yet I tried to master you

over + over again

sometimes in my mind

I try to reverse the ending

and rewind back to the beginning

you were the master of happy endings

until we exhausted the possibilities

what did I miss?

was it a step?

did I forget an ingredient of our love?

I kept the temperature at 350

comforting + warm

so you could make a home out of me

maybe I cut into you too soon

the middle was still mushy

it needed to bake a little longer

I grew hungry

I was impatient

I no longer wanted to wait for you

our love wasn't the type that you could eat raw

we would have grown sick if we kept eating the batter

Our love had to be baked to perfection

Note: This poem was inspired by The Kitchenista’s Lemon Olive Oil Pound Cake. It’s delicious, but a complex recipe sort of like love.